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Israeli Krav Maga UK in co-operation with SavborTactical.com welcome you to our Tactical Firearms and Close Protection Training Courses in Poland.

Israeli Krav Maga is a modern Israeli fighting and realistic self-defense system. Israeli Krav Maga is officially used by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF, T’sahal), Israeli intelligence, security forces as well as Israeli Police and Border Police.
Krzysztof Sawicki is Chief Instructor Israeli Krav Maga training in Poland and official representative Israeli Krav Maga Association – Israel.
Krzysztof Sawicki is Certified Black Belt Instructor
in Israel.
Krzysztof Sawicki 
is a Certified Military Close-Combat Instructor (Army Combat School, Sweden).
Krzysztof Sawicki is trainer officer Polish Special Forces.

Krzysztof Sawicki began his military service at age 15. Now Krzysztof Sawicki is trainer officer military special units and police. He carries out and helps in creating training programs for military and police academy and training centers ( the Land Forces Military Academy, Navy Training Center, Police Training Centers and others).

Cpt. Krzysztof Sawicki, chief instructor in Poland for over 15 years lead in the Defense Ministry and Polish Armed Forces specialized training in such areas as situation of high risk, CQB, in direct contact fighting, knife fighting and shooting tactics in close range. Training takes place include: the Army Special Forces, Police, Navy, Border Guard officers, Internal Security Agency and others. As a recognized expert in the field of close quarters combat, tactical self-defense (Reality Based Training) and fighting at very short range (armed and unarmed combat).

Direct Contact for professional training:
Krzysztof Sawicki
tel. +48 606 949 159
e-mail: centrum@krav-maga.pl