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Grandmaster Haim Gidon

Grandmaster Haim Gidon (10th dan and IKMA President) is a member of krav maga founder Imi Lichtenfeld’s first training class in the early 1960’s. Haim fought in the Six Day War, War of Attrition, and Yom Kippur War. Prior to the 1967 War, Haim resumed his competitive boxing and decided to learn more about the krav maga principals he had learned in the military. In 1978, Haim helped Imi co-found the IKMA. Along with Imi and other top instructors, Haim Gidon co-founded the Israeli Krav maga Association (IKMA) which he now heads as President. In 1994, Haim was elected as IKMA president and opened his current gym and the main training center for the IKMA located on Ben Zion Street, Netanya, Israel. In 1995, Imi nominated Haim as the top authority to grant 1st dan krav maga black-belt and up. In an IKMA ceremony, Imi awarded Haim Gidon 8th dan and stated 9th and 10th dans “were to come” designating Haim as the highest ranking krav maga instructor. (Video clips of the ceremony are available at www.kravmagaisraeli.com).

Imi approved of Haim’s adding extensive groundwork modified weapons defenses and other additions/improvements to the krav maga system. Grandmaster Gidon was also a committee member of the Wingate (Israel’s national sports institute) professional committee representing the self-defense style of krav maga. As President and Grandmaster of the IKMA, has taught the Israeli Police defensive tactics for the last thirty years to Israel’s security and military agencies. Haim has received special commendation from federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies worldwide for his specific krav maga law professional training curriculum. His teaching expertise is requested worldwide.