» Krzysztof Sawicki


Krzysztof Sawicki – the highest ranking Certified Black Belt Instructor in Europe
by the Israeli Krav Maga Association – Gidon System (Israel)
Israeli Black Belt 3 DAN (ISRAEL 2014) by Grand Master Haim Gidon.
Founder and creator of the Israeli Krav Maga Academy.

Technical Director IKMA-Poland and Chief Instructor Israeli Krav Maga training in Poland.
Official representative of the Israeli Krav Maga Association – Israel.

Krzysztof Sawicki is a Certified Black Belt Instructor in Israel.
Krzysztof Sawicki is a Certified Military Close-Combat Instructor (Army Combat School, Sweden).
Krzysztof Sawicki is a training officer of the Polish Special Forces.

As the only person in Poland and among only a few around the world, Krzysztof Sawicki earned the right to wear a black belt awarded by the IKMA and by Grand Master Haim Gidon in person. Since 1978, only a dozen or so people from outside Israel successfully passed the black belt examination (Professional Committee IKMA decides on the eligibility of a person to approach a black belt exam and exams of this level only take place at the IKMA Training Center in Netanya, Israel).

Krzysztof Sawicki was awarded the title of official representative
of the Israeli Krav Maga Association for the high level of quality
of skills and combat tactics which he possesses.

Krzysztof Sawicki possesses over 28 years experience in martial arts and fight sports. His cooperation with IKMA started in 2001 when he began acquiring belts from the lowest level up.

Krzysztof Sawicki applies the skills acquired directly under the supervision of Grand Master Haim Gidon and IKMA senior instructors upon teaching Israeli Krav Maga in Poland and abroad (among others in the US, Israel, Russia, Spain, Germany and Brazil). His close attention is given in particular to the training of the Polish IKMA Instructors Team, which along with Krzysztof Sawicki regularly undergo intensive and comprehensive training in Israel.

Krzysztof Sawicki is an expert in hand to hand combat, self-defense and short range shooting tactics. He participates in SWAT trainings – Israeli Tactical Shooting Immediate Rapid Deployment & Counter-Terror Engagement conducted by the best specialists in the world with respect to counter-terror operations. He cooperates as a trainer with military special units, police as well as border police. He carries out and helps in creating training programs for military and police higher education and training centers (among others, the Land Forces Military Academy, Navy Training Center, Police Training Centers, bank security personnel e.g. the security personnel of the National Bank of Poland as well as others).

Krzysztof Sawicki possesses the highest krav maga master level degree in Poland.